Petr Bouř, curriculum vitae

Born December 14 1965 in Prague, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic)

High school at the city of Ricany

Charles University, Prague (1985-1989) - prom fyz. (M.Sc. equiv.) and RNDr. degrees in physics, from the Faculty of, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (1989-1993) - CSc. (PhD. equiv.) in organic chemistry

Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry 2002 senior researcher, 2005-now head of the group of Molecular Spectroscopy

Institute of Technology, Prague 2006 docent (associate professor)

Academy of Science 2010, DSc. title

Institute of technology, Prague 2013 professor of analytical chemistry

Temporary stays:

University of Illinois at Chicago (1991-1992) and few months in 1995 - 2013

University of Calgary - few month in 1995 and 1997

University of Tromso - few month in 2010-2013

Hobbies etc.: two children (Petr and Vojtěch), gardening, swimming, hiking, sleeping ...